Monday, May 16, 2022

Jon Jones Remains Hell Bent on Proving Innocence After UFC 232

Jon Jones is once again your light heavyweight champion in the world, but he knows that there will always be a shadow cast upon his accomplishments of the past and possibly into the future. The atypical drug test leading into UFC 232 did nothing to quiet down his critics and skeptics, but Jon Jones claims to take solace in the fact that he knows the truth:

‘“I know in my heart that I’ve never cheated this sport,” Jones said in the UFC 232 Post-Fight Press Conference. “I’ve said it through the beginning. It literally almost drove me crazy this summer to be accused of being a steroid cheat. And that’s why I will spend every dollar, I will face every jury, I will take every polygraph test to prove that I’ve never intentionally cheated this sport. I’m glad that it’s very clear it gives me no athletic, performance-enhancing benefits.”

Jon Jones would then theorize as to why so many people are so quick to believe he would take such a high risk that carries so little reward:

“And why in the world would I do something like that to discredit all these years of hard work, to ruin my own legacy, when it never gave me an advantage in the first place?” Jones asked rhetorically. That’s common sense. But people ignore common sense because people have always wanted to see, maybe it not be true. Maybe I’m not the best. Maybe I cheated all this time. I’ll never be able to win. That argument. And I’m totally comfortable in that space. I’m just gonna keep on kicking ass.”

Jon Jones has stated this week that he plans on “kicking ass” with three fights in 2019 to be exact. We now know that he is planned to face Anthony Smith in the headliner of UFC 235 for his first fight of the year. One notable name who is in no rush to face Jones, however, is nemesis Daniel Cormier, who says that his next bout will be against either Brock Lesnar or Stipe Miocic.

What do you think of Jon Jones’s theory? Are critics quick to convict him because his detractors have never wanted him to be the best?

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