Friday, August 19, 2022

Keith Thurman Excited to Return to Boxing in Brooklyn

Keith Thurman is returning to action against Josesito Lopez Saturday, January 26 at The Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. Thurman has not competed in boxing since March of 2017 when he won a 12 round split decision against Danny Garcia where he won the WBC welterweight title. Injuries would keep Thurman from action but he told media at a press conference Thursday, he is excited to do so on the new platform with PBC on FOX.

“It’s a tremendous feeling to be back in this position,“ said Thurman. “ It’s an honor to be working with FOX and I’m excited for this new platform. I’ve got new health and I’m just ready for Saturday night.”

Thurman was forced to step away from boxing in May of 2017 when he had to get surgery on his right elbow. The recovery was only supposed to be a few months but another injury in May of 2018 would also delay his return to the ring. Thurman has been ringside for a lot of boxing and commented on things going on while he was healing but he could not be more excited to have his return bout in Brooklyn, where he had his last bout with Garcia.

“I’ve been to several fights in my time off and it’s felt like a lifetime. Saturday night, the champ is back. Brooklyn, we’re here.” –Keith Thurman

While Thurman is excited to return, it would be hard not to notice he is more than confident that he will beat Lopez. Thurman said, “I can find so many avenues to win. Josesito Lopez is a good fighter, but he’s like Swiss cheese, he’s got holes throughout. It’s only a matter of me exposing them round-by-round.”

While Thurman is confident, Lopez is not sure if Thurman is overlooking him but believes he is more than ready for Thurman on Saturday. “You can’t find a losing fight with Keith,” Lopez said. However, he continued, “but he’s been in fights that have shown some flaws that he has in his game.”

Do you think Thurman will earn a dominant win over Lopez on Saturday?

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