Sunday, August 14, 2022

Luke Rockhold Says Jon Jones Wants None Of DC At Heavyweight

Luke Rockhold isn’t holding his breath on Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier III at heavyweight.

Rockhold may have moved on from American Kickboxing Academy, but he’s still a good friend of Cormier. “DC” has had a bitter feud with Jones and both men have fought each other twice. Jones initially had two wins over Cormier, but the second bout was changed to a No Contest when Jones popped for turinabol.

Rockhold Doesn’t See Jones vs. DC At Heavyweight

Rockhold recently made an appearance on “The MMA Hour.” He told Luke Thomas that he doubts Jones moves up to fight Cormier (via

“Jones doesn’t want that fight. Jones does not want a fight with DC at heavyweight. He doesn’t want to give him any advantages. He’s obviously taken what he can to build his confidence to fight him at light heavyweight. So, we all know he’s tested dirty twice in a row now. Three times? I don’t know what it is but… Picograms, whatever the hell they are… He’s obviously compensating to build himself up. DC at heavyweight is a much more dangerous fighter. He’s looser, he’s movin’ people, I’ve seen him in the gym.”

Rockhold is making the move to light heavyweight in the near future. He already fired off a warning to Jones, calling him a “princess” in the process.

Any chance we see Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier III at heavyweight?

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