Friday, August 12, 2022

Megan Anderson Responds To Critics Of UFC 232 Win

Megan Anderson will take the wins anyway they come.

Anderson went one-on-one with Cat Zingano on the preliminary portion of UFC 232. Anderson went high with a kick and her toe caught the eye of Zingano. “Alpha” stopped defending herself and the fight was stopped. Anderson was awarded the first-round TKO victory. Zingano was able to avoid a serious injury.

Anderson Fires Back At Critics

During a recent appearance on‘s “The MMA Hour,” Anderson revealed she was on the receiving end of some nasty criticisms:

“There was a significant amount of hate. I got a lot of, ‘You’re a piece of sh*t,’ all this kind of stuff. I got, ‘You need to cut your toenails or your nasty ass nails’ and sh*t like this. Anyone who’s in the business knows that they check you two times before you even go out and then they check you at the cage so I feel like if something was wrong they would have told me the three freakin’ times that they checked me and they were just like, ‘You’re all good, you’re fine.’

“I got, ‘That’s not a win, you shouldn’t be proud of that.’ Well that’s not my decision. I threw a legal blow that happened to land in a weird spot and I got the win from that. A win is a win and if Cat wants to run it back I’m happy to give it to her, it’s not a problem, but at the end of the day I have that win on my record and I put in a lot of hard work and a lot of time into that and — no matter what people on the internet say — I’m going to be proud of that performance.”

Do you think the criticisms aimed at Megan Anderson are unwarranted?

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