Thursday, August 11, 2022

Javier Mendez Hopes Daniel Cormier Fights Brock Lesnar & Retires

In a perfect world, Javier Mendez sees Daniel Cormier defeating Brock Lesnar and announcing his retirement after the bout.

Many are wondering what the future holds for Cormier. While it seemed clear at one point that Cormier vs. Lesnar would lead to “DC’s” exit from the sport of mixed martial arts, that may not be set in stone. Jon Jones is back, so naturally talks of Jones vs. Cormier III are heating up. UFC president Dana White has also said he hopes Cormier sticks around longer than one more fight. Cormier had planned to retire in March before his 40th birthday.

Mendez Lays Out His Ideal Scenario For Cormier

Mendez, the American Kickboxing Academy head coach, spoke to He laid out what he’d like to see Cormier do next:

“I don’t know what is going to happen now. So many things have changed, the landscape, things that were unforeseen. Now, the retirement thing is going to be prolonged. I don’t know, one fight, two fight, three fights, who knows. The best scenario is for him to fight Brock Lesnar and finish. We will see what happens, it is hard to say.”

Mendez went on to say that once Cormier retires, he wants to focus on getting Cain Velasquez back on the throne. Once Velasquez’s time is up, Mendez wants to keep the AKA streak going with Justin Willis.

Do you think Daniel Cormier retires after his next fight?

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