Friday, August 12, 2022

Darren Till Calls Ben Askren A ‘Fat Wanker,’ Askren Responds

Darren Till ripped Ben Askren on social media recently and it didn’t take long for “Funky” to respond.

It’s no secret that Till and Askren aren’t fond of one another. When Askren was traded to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) from ONE Championship, he fired shots at several UFC fighters. One of them was Till, who wasted little time firing back. Askren has vowed to finish the job that his teammate Tyron Woodley started back in September 2018 at UFC 228.

Till & Askren Have Another Social Media Spat

Till recently took to Twitter to rag on Askren. You can check out their back-and-forth exchange below:

“Ben… your a wanker.”

“Ben ben ben::: your a fat wanker.”

“Darren the UFC promised me that your next fight would be at MW, I offered to come to London. Sounds like they knew the outcome would be you being taken to Funky town. Don’t be scared next time I call your name.”

“Funky town is a sh*thole in one!!!! What is going on mateeeeeee???? Your a wanker and so is ye mum.”

“Your low IQ I get it. You also suck at fighting. See you soon Darren.”

“Ben I don’t give a f*ck about my low iq your still a prick.”

Till is scheduled to take on Jorge Masvidal at UFC London on March 16. It’ll be Till’s first bout since being submitted by UFC welterweight champion Woodley. As for Askren, he’ll be making his UFC debut against Robbie Lawler on March 2 at UFC 235.

If both men emerge victorious in their next bouts, would Darren Till vs. Ben Askren be the fight to book?

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