Thursday, August 18, 2022

Woodley and Usman Have Heated Exchange Over UFC 235 Contract

The UFC’s welterweight drama appears to be no closer to being settled than it was at the close of the year. The most recent update to the welterweight world title had Dana White proclaim that Kamaru Usman would receive a title shot at UFC 235 either with or without Tyron Woodley. This, of course, came after Usman posted a signed bout agreement to challenge Woodley for the welterweight championship at UFC 235. Tuesday evening, it appeared that there was finally some resolution to the matter when Kamaru Usman posted a message signaling finality to the “Whom will Tyron Woodley face next?” question:

“It’s a done deal and has been signed. March 2019 I will be the New WW Champion ?????? #AndNew” Usman wrote.

All it took was one hour for Tyron Woodley to nip this “news” in the bud:

“Bruh? Quit lying to these people and getting them pumped. Will fight Colby and you this year. He has to catch this fade first”

“What am I lying about?,” Usman responded. “Do I not have a signed contract with your name on it? Just face the reality March 2nd you’re standing across the octagon from Me. Now get your shit together and let’s run it @TWooodley”

“Bruh… are coming off stupid and I don’t do Twitter Beef you got my line,,” Woodley responded. “But what you don’t have is a damn agreement signed by me. Now quit lying before I lose respect for you. I said I will fight both of you. The order is to be determined. Chill, take a number & fall back.”

The back and forth would continue until Kamaru Usman decided to post a video to put the matter to rest:

“What’s up, everybody. You right, champ. All this Twitter bullshit really ain’t me. So you know what? I’mma put it all to rest right here. I have a bout agreement signed with your name on it. You’re the only one who haven’t signed on that dotted line. It doesn’t matter. March 2nd, I’m fighting for the UFC welterweight title. Period. Now if you don’t want to step up and defend the belt, I’ll whoop Covington’s ass. But March 2nd, somebody’s gonna catch this fade. So focus all that energy into the gym, and I’ll see you March 2nd, champ.”

The two continued to bicker into the night, but neither one of them will get the last word. That honor will belong to Dana White and the UFC.

Do you believe Tyron Woodley will face Kamaru Usman at UFC 235?

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