Thursday, August 18, 2022

Firas Zahabi Responds To McGregor’s Recent Comments

Earlier this week, famed mixed martial arts (MMA) coach Firas Zahabi spoke on a possible rematch between Conor McGregor and Max Holloway. Holloway and McGregor fought back in 2013, a fight in which the Irishman won via unanimous decision. However, this was the last fight “Blessed” ever lost. Now, he’s the featherweight champion of the UFC, having knocked out Jose Aldo twice.

As for McGregor, he has lost twice since then, but is the UFC’s biggest star of all time. If they were to rematch, Zahabi believes Holloway would get the better of the pair. McGregor didn’t like that very much, and let Zahabi know it in a social media post:

“Hey firaz. Young man afraid to get in and fight, himself. Stop talking about me like you know me, you twerp. You are what age? Why are not in there yourself? Are you not up to it? You rent dorms and hit a clock for a living. Shut your pie, kid.”

Zahabi Responds To McGregor

Zahabi took the opportunity to respond to McGregor’s comments on one of his “Ask Me Anything” sessions. He pointed out, he didn’t respond to McGregor directly on Twitter because the Irishman got personal. That’s something he tries to avoid (via Bloody Elbow):

“There was nothing personal,” Zahabi said. “The reason why I didn’t respond to McGregor (on Twitter) is he got personal, and I don’t do that.

“I kind of glanced over, then I realized it was about me, and realized he’s insulting me. I thought to myself, ‘hey the double champ watches my podcast! That’s amazing!

“How great is that? I’m gonna give Conor McGregor a shoutout on my podcast.’ Then somebody pointed out to me, ‘no, it was regards to an article that came out… about me picking Max Holloway over Conor McGregor’ That’s why Conor got upset and went to Twitter.

“So I thought to myself, ‘Oh, he doesn’t listen to my podcast. Too bad.’ But then I realized, ‘hey, he talked about the dorms. That article doesn’t talk about the dorms!’ If he knows about the dorms, he’s listened to this podcast. So I want to give a shoutout to Conor.

“Thank you for supporting this channel. I really appreciate you listening to this, and I want to let you know it was nothing personal.”

What do you think about Zahabi’s response to McGregor?

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