UFC 235’s Anthony Smith Hates ‘Assholes’ Like Colby Covington

Anthony Smith isn’t fond of Colby Covington.

Smith is set to challenge Jon Jones for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight title. The two are set to collide on March 2 in the main event of UFC 235. Colby Covington recently took a shot at Jones, saying no one cares about his fight and that he should “snort a few picograms.” Smith interjected and ripped Covington in response.

Anthony Smith Expresses Discontent With Colby Covington

“Lionheart” appeared on today’s (Feb. 18) edition of MMAFighting.com‘s “The MMA Hour,”  Smith made it clear that he doesn’t think too highly of Covington:

“The only reason I said anything in that situation to Colby is because, a month ago when Colby was going off about losing his own title shot, he threw me under the bus almost to defend himself for needing one. Like, ‘Well, Anthony Smith got one and he’s a piece of sh*t, so why can’t I get one?’ And I just, it’s the same with the Luke Rockhold thing. Like, I just hate people that are just assholes for no reason.”

Smith also claimed that “Chaos” is easily scared when the cameras stop rolling:

“My manager owns a gym in Chicago, so when we were both there fighting on that card (at UFC 225), I just trained at my manager’s gym because it’s more comfortable there. Typically, I would stay in the host hotel with everyone else. But it’s not anywhere close to where the hotel was — it was a significant jaunt away. So I’m there working out and Colby comes in, because he has to find somewhere as far away from UFC fighters as he can get to train, not knowing that it’s owned by one of the managers of some of the guys in the UFC. And then he gets there and he’s the most skittish person I’ve ever seen.”

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