Sunday, November 28, 2021

UFC Fighter Cat Zingano Hopes For Rule Changes On Eye Pokes

Cat Zingano never thought she’d be on the receiving end of an eye poke courtesy of Megan Anderson‘s toe.

Zingano took on Anderson back in December. The bout barely lasted beyond the one-minute mark as Anderson’s toe went into Zingano’s eye. Zingano stopped defending on the feet and the fight was stopped. The result was a TKO win for Anderson. Zingano unsuccessfully appealed the defeat.

Cat Zingano Wants Rule Changes For Eye Pokes

Zingano spoke to reporters backstage at UFC on ESPN 1. She responded to losing her appeal (via

“If they don’t make a rule on it, it’s open season on eye pokes. I’ve got mad dexterity with my toes, so if you’re telling me we get to just aim for people’s eyeballs with our toes now, that’s not really safe moving forward, but we’ll all find a way to win. If you put me in some thing on the ground, and I get to dig my toes into your eyes, too, that’s kind of gnarly, but we’re in there trying to survive. Me or you, man.”

Doctors expect Zingano to make a full recovery, although “Alpha” says she still has some symptoms from her injury. Zingano noted that she spoke to Michael Bisping, who talked about how he dealt with his own eye injury.

Do you think anything can be done about freak occurrences such as an eye poke from a toe?

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