Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Cat Zingano Loses Appeal of UFC 232 Loss to Megan Anderson

More bad news has been handed down to “Alpha” Cat Zingano, as the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has upheld Megan Anderson’s victory over her from UFC 232 last December.

Cat Zingano appealed the TKO loss due to Megan Anderson’s toe going directly into her eye, a freak accident that Zingano equated to an eye poke and thus an illegal foul. The CSAC begged to differ, adding further injury to what Cat Zingano said earlier this week was the most painful moment of her entire life:

“I thought I lost my eye,” Zingano told reporters backstage at UFC Phoenix. “I thought if I opened my eye that it was gonna spill out onto my face. And I didn’t want to open it in the cage.

“I’ve never felt pain like that in my life. I’ve dislocated my jaw. I’ve blown my knees. I’ve tore up all my fingers, broken ribs, that was nothing compared to what it felt like to get hit in the eye. I’ve never felt pain like that. I’d have a baby 10 times before I do that again.”

If it’s any consolation to Zingano, one commission member voted in favor of Zingano’s appeal, but the final tally was 6-1 in opposition. Cat Zingano will have to accept this loss going forward, and with her eye still healing, there is no timetable for her return:

“My eye gets tight by the end of the day,” Zingano said. “And it’s kind of like being underwater, just on one side of my head. Like, my depth perception’s off a bit. My dexterity’s off a bit. But again, it’s been improving. It’s definitely not what it was a month ago. So yeah, we’ll see.”

Did you believe Cat Zingano had a legitimate case for an appeal?