Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Colby Covington Says He May Never Fight Again

The latest stop of Colby Covington’s anti-UFC media tour has added yet another wrinkle. After threatening to sue the UFC for opting to give his title shot to Kamaru Usman at UFC 235, Colby Covington has managed to one-up the drama once again, this time suggesting that there is a realistic possibility that he may be retiring from the sport of mixed martial arts:

“I’m just moving on with my life,” Covington told the TSN MMA Show. “I’m not going to be the nice guy anymore. I’m not going to be the guy that tells lies about the UFC and tries to cover for the UFC like they’re so great and everything’s fine and dandy,”

Although Colby Covington and the UFC may be at odds at the moment, Covington claims that he has been an exemplary employee throughout his tenure in the promotion, which is why he considers his treatment from the UFC brass all the more intolerable:

“I’ve done so many favors for the UFC, flown all over the world, fought for little money against top contenders, fought for entry-level money. I’ve never complained, always been a company man, never failed a steroid test. Never done anything wrong, literally never.”

Dana White has stated recently that not only is Covington no longer the interim champion, but he will have to take another fight in order to earn a title shot. Colby Covington remains closed to that idea and is willing to call it a career if he does not get what he believes he has rightfully earned:

“I’m the biggest draw this in this division right now. I’m not fighting for anything less than I deserve and I don’t care what they say. I’ll stand up for what’s right and if that means never fighting again then that means never fighting again,” said Covington.

Some may read the above quote and think that Colby Covington is bluffing, but the former interim champion insists that he is already content with what he has accomplished, given where he has come from, to the point where he does not need to sacrifice his integrity:

“I’ve already built a great life for myself. I came from the projects. I came from trailer parks, growing up with one parent, just my mom, having to work four jobs. I don’t need anything anymore. I’ve already made enough money where I’m healthy and I have investments and I have enough going on in my life that I don’t need to fight ever again. You may never see me fight again. That’s a possibility right now.”

How do you see this standoff between Colby Covington and the UFC ultimately playing out?

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