Colby Covington Threatens to Put Anthony Smith “On His Head”

In a recent edition of The MMA Hour, Anthony Smith provided an assessment of Colby Covington’s demeanor off camera, calling the former interim welterweight champion “skittish.” Smith also had other choice words for Covington, which Smith says stems from Covington throwing him under the bus to justify deserving a title shot. When asked about Smith’s remarks on a recent edition of Submission Radio, Covington did not mince words for Anthony Smith:

“He’s a total mark,” Covington said. “The guy, he hasn’t beat anybody that wasn’t 10 years past their prime coming off the steroids. He’s on, what? A three-fight winning streak? And he was getting knocked out by ‘85ers. So I mean, the guy’s a complete joke. Everything that he was saying, ‘Oh, we were in a gym.’ Dude, you never came up to me in the gym. You trained on the opposite side of the gym. Who’s the bitch? The guy’s getting a title shot. I’m gonna stick to winning belts. He’s never gonna be winning a belt, so that’s something we ain’t gonna have to worry about.

Anthony Smith is far from the forefront of Colby Covington’s mind, but should the two cross paths and Smith gets froggy, Covington claims it would not end well for Lionheart:

“I got a belt. I’m defending that belt. And I got big things on the horizon. I could give a fuck less what happens if he comes up and does something. He’ll get put on his head real quick if he tries to start something with me.”

What are your thoughts on this retort from Colby Covington?