Daniel Cormier Puts Sub-Zero’s Mortal Kombat Fatality To The Test

Daniel Cormier was more than ready for the “test your might” challenge.

When Cormier isn’t handling business inside the Octagon, he’s testing out the viability of Mortal Kombat fatalities in real life. Mortal Kombat is a renowned fighting game series that became popular instantly in 1992 due to its violence. One of the more well-known fatalities in the series is the one where Sub-Zero uppercuts his opponent’s head off. The fatality has evolved to where the character freezes his opponent’s head before shattering it.

Daniel Cormier Channels His Inner Sub-Zero

Popular YouTube channel “For Science” wanted to test if Sub-Zero’s fatality would be possible in real life. Naturally, they called upon the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight title holder for some help. To test this theory, the hosts froze a flesh analogue using liquid nitrogen and had Cormier deliver the fatal blow.

While Cormier was able to shatter a good chunk of the flesh analogue, he wasn’t so optimistic about the hosts’ abilities to do the same:

“No, you’re not punching anybody’s heads off. Sometimes we gotta kinda stay in our lane, but it’s okay. You’re very smart guys and you can talk about what it takes to break somebody’s skull. I’ll break the skull for you.”

Any Mortal Kombat fans out there? If so, who is your favorite character?

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