Tuesday, August 16, 2022

José Aldo Coach: We Want Alex Volkanovski Next

José Aldo put the featherweight division on notice that while he may be planning an exit from the division before too long, his skill set is not going anywhere anytime soon. After silencing doubters by stopping featherweight contender Renato Moicano at UFC Fortaleza last weekend, the Aldo camp now has its gaze set on another rising title contender (Transcription via BJPenn.com):

“We want him to fight Alexander Volkanovski, the guy who knocked out Chad Mendes, the guy who is the best ranked,” Aldo’s coach and manager Andre Pederneiras said on Confraria da Porrada. “In fact, it is the following: we have a dream to dispute the title, which is difficult. So we have the dream of our last fight to get there.

Alexander Volkanovski has recently expressed interest of fighting Aldo as well, so if Pederneiras is, in fact, speaking on behalf of Aldo, this is a fight that should make itself in short order. José Aldo is currently the #1 ranked featherweight in the world, but the former champion and his camp are aware that it is going to take some convincing to get a third fight against Max Holloway, who already holds two victories over Aldo. But no matter how it happens, the best-case scenario for José Aldo would be to fight off the end his MMA career as champion:

“There are only two possibilities,” Pederneiras continued. “Max Holloway moves up in weight and leaves the belt vacant, and Aldo would be the postulate to the title, even for the history that he has and for being the first of the ranking, or to eliminate all the contenders. The Moicano fight was the first contender, in our head, and the second would be Alexander Volkanovski, who is the fourth-ranked now. Or Frankie Edgar, I don’t believe they give him the title shot while having lost to Aldo. So the guy in our head who would be the next title challenger would be Alexander now. We’re talking,”

Do you believe José Aldo vs. Alex Volkanovski is the fight to make right now?

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