Friday, August 19, 2022

Michael Bisping Criticizes Kelvin Gastelum For Wearing UFC Title

Michael Bisping isn’t impressed by Kelvin Gastelum’s shtick at UFC 234.

The main event of UFC 234 was supposed to feature a middleweight title bout between champion Robert Whittaker and Gastelum. Due to a hernia in his abdomen, “The Reaper” underwent emergency surgery and was forced off the UFC 234 card. After releasing a classy statement wishing Whittaker well, Gastelum declared himself to be the real UFC middleweight champion.

Bisping Calls Gastelum’s Antics “Cringe”

On the latest edition of Bisping’s “Believe You Me” podcast, “The Count” talked about the aftermath of UFC 234. He criticized Gastelum for wearing Henry Cejudo‘s belt throughout the night:

“Kelvin said, ‘well Robert pulled out so therefore that makes me the champion.’ I get it, that’s a funny little tweet. It’s a funny thing to do to stand there and pose with the belt on and put it on Instagram. It’s funny for a minute, but he literally stood there all night with Henry Cejudo’s championship belt over his shoulder. At that point I was like, “come on Kelvin, man.” It’s a little bit cringe, a little bit cringe. We get it, the joke was funny for a second but take the belt off because you aren’t actually the champion. Everybody knows that.”

Conor McGregor also took issue with Gastelum’s gimmick. The “Notorious” one called Gastelum a worm. The number one middleweight title contender fired back by bringing up a claim made by a single mother that McGregor is the father to her child.

Do you think Kelvin Gastelum’s shtick was cringe?

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