Tuesday, July 5, 2022

MMA Fighter Performs WWE Move Inside Cage (Video)

Watch as an MMA fighter performs a WWE move inside the cage in a fight he eventually went on to win.

Mixed martial artist Michel Pereira never fails to entertain inside the cage. His fight with Dae-Sung Kim at ROAD FC 52 in South Korea was no different. During the fight, Pereira utilized some unorthodox techniques. In the midst of battle, Pereira flipped off the cage and performed a WWE move. Pereira attempted to hit Kim with a moonsault. Check it out here:

Pereira also attempted to do a standing moonsault through Kim’s guard but landed on his opponent’s head. He was warned by the referee for his actions:

Eventually, Pereira picked up the second-round TKO win over Kim with some nasty knees against the cage:

This isn’t the first time Pereira has been trending on social media for his wacky in-fight antics. Check out some of his other best moments here:

What did you think of Pereira’s moonsault?

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