Sunday, August 14, 2022

Paul Daley Envisions “Simple Victory” Over MVP

Paul Daley appears extremely confident that he will hand Michael Venom Page the first loss of his mixed martial arts career at Bellator 216. At 40-16 in his mixed martial arts career, Daley has 43 more fights than the 13-0 MVP. While some may rush to the belief that Daley is battered and withered, Daley insists that no such caveat exists, and there is nothing but positives for Daley to draw from the experience gap (Transcription via MMA Junkie):

“I’m a fresh, experienced fighter,” Daley said. “I’m not (Evangelista) ‘Cyborg’ (Santos), who has been in lots of battles, been KOd before, taken lots of punches. I’m young, I’m athletic and fast. I punch hard, I’m very durable, I can take a punch and I’m fully aware of what he brings into the cage.

For me, it’s a very simple victory.

What has made MVP so successful, among other things, is his incredible movement and elusiveness. Paul Daley is very aware of MVP’s style and is not impressed. In fact, Daley believes that stylistically, he is a nightmare matchup for Page:

“He knows he’s in there with a very, very capable, very, very durable knockout artist – one of the worst people to fight if you’re not a wrestler. He’s not a wrestler. To fight someone who’s extremely durable, doesn’t get stopped, doesn’t get knocked out, and knocks people out consistently – that’s a horrible guy to fight if you’re a striker. I’m quietly confident. The amount of fights doesn’t play out too much when I’m in the cage. It’s having the experience prior to getting in the cage, and doing the things I’m doing in camp now, that will be decisive when we get in the cage on Feb. 16.”

Whom do you believe presents the most stylistic problems for their opponent in this Bellator 216 showdown: Paul Daley or MVP?

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