Friday, August 19, 2022

Renato Moicano Believes Aldo Fight Was Stopped Prematurely

Renato Moicano believes that his bout against Jose Aldo at UFC Fortaleza was stopped a bit prematurely.

In the co-main event of UFC Fortaleza, Renato Moicano battled José Aldo in a contest that would see Aldo win his second consecutive bout at Moicano’s expense, ending the fight with a second-round TKO, providing Moicano’s record its first KO/TKO blemish. But following the bout, Moicano took to Instagram state that this mark on his résumé was issued prematurely (Translation and Transcription via MMA Fighting):

“I came here to say I’m alright,” Moicano said in the video.. “The fight was stopped by technical knockout, but in my opinion the referee stopped it a bit early. But it’s okay, life goes on.

“I was doing good, I think I won the first round and came back more active in the second round. I don’t remember the strike, I didn’t see the strike that started that explosion, and I think the referee stopped it a bit early.”

Renato Moicano was not dropped prior to the stoppage, but he met the quota of unanswered strikes according to referee Jerin Valel who called an end to the contest. Moicano’s manager, Alex Davis, also offered his opinion, but he did not take the side of his fighter in this dispute:

“Moicano is my guy, and I simply love him to pieces,” Davis wrote. “But he was [not] reacting. The ref took the correct action and stopped the fight. Simple as that.”

What do you think? Was the stoppage in the Aldo/Moicano fight a bit premature?

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