Ryan Bader Responds to Cheick Kongo’s Threat

After being victorious against former Bellator heavyweight champion Vitaly Minakov at Bellator 216 last Saturday, Cheick Kongo made one thing clear and one thing only: Ryan Bader must relinquish the heavyweight championship to him or suffer dire consequences.

Cheick Kongo was about as direct with reporters in the post-fight press conference as one could be when he articulated that Ryan Bader has two options: hand over the world championship or suffer bodily harm, to put in family-friendly terms. In Kongo’s mind, he has been fighting for Bellator for five years and as a professional for 18 and a half. He is 43 years old and is a man who has won eight consecutive bouts. After defeating a man who never lost the Bellator championship in Vitaly Minakov, Kongo is tired of waiting. And the sight of a man who has made a career at light heavyweight wearing a belt that Kongo did not have an opportunity to win, proved too much for him to consume.

Ryan Bader got wind of Kongo’s threat over the weekend, and issued a sharp retort for his potential next opponent via Twitter:

“Hey congrats @kongo4real but you talk like that after that performance ??? There is a reason you weren’t invited into the Heavyweight Grand Prix, what’s that tell you??? I’ll let YOU know what title I decide to defend. Until then, excuse my FRENCH & f*ck off”

In family-friendly terms, that’s Ryan Bader requesting time to mull things over while Cheick Kongo kindly excuses himself.

What are your thoughts on this exchange between Cheick Kongo and Ryan Bader?

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