Friday, August 12, 2022

Tai Tuivasa Remains Intent on Smashing Justin Willis

Tai Tuivasa is still not a fan of Justin Willis. After UFC Adelaide, Tai Tuivasa balanced lamenting his loss to Junior dos Santos and calling for a fight against Justin Willis. The main impetus for the callout was a backstage run-in between the two prior to UFC Adelaide and the disrespect Tuivasa feels Willis showed Mark Hunt. All in all, what it comes down to is the fact that Tuivasa simply does like the guy.

“Even before that, it’s just his attitude, of course,” Tuivasa said of Justin Willis during a UFC 234 media scrum. “And then, obviously, we had a little run-in. And then, I heard what he said after. He just talks shit, all whispers. Come talk to me, you know? I’m right here. He didn’t say much when he was right in front of me.”

After receiving word of Tai Tuivasa’s callout, Wills responded that he was moving on to “bigger and better things.” It has since been reported that Willis will next be facing Curtis Blaydes at UFC Nashville on March 23rd. Tai Tuivasa was not shy about making a prediction for that contest:

“He’s going to get fucking smashed,” Tuivasa predicted. “Blaydes is going to smash the shit out of him. And when Blaydes is done with him he can come wipe my ass when he’s done. Because I’m gonna smash him.

He can run for now. We’re only three months into it. He can’t run forever.

Tai Tuivasa is unsure of who is next, but he seeks a spring return to the Octagon. But regardless of where his and Willis’s paths may travel, Tuivasa vows to eventually fight Willis.

“He’s got his fight. I’m gonna go do my thing. I gotta fight. I gotta get a win. I gotta get back up and do whatever. But he’s there. If he’s in the UFC, I’m gonna fuckin’ get my hands on him.

Who do you think would win a fight between Tai Tuivasa and Justin Willis?

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