Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Threats Of Violence Force Tyson Fury Events To Cancel

Boxing heavyweight star Tyson Fury had two events canceled in Ireland due to some threatening graffiti.

Former boxing heavyweight king Tyson Fury had two events in Ireland canceled due to some threatening graffiti, per a report from the Irish Times. Both events were scheduled to go down from Dublin and Cork in the next few days:

The Irish Times references a report from the Garda Press Office, who says management at Dublin’s Helix – which was one of the scheduled venues – found threatening graffiti such as “repeat of the Regency shooting”. The Regency shooting was an incident in 2016 in which masked men entered the Regency hotel during weigh-ins for an upcoming boxing card. One fighter, David Byrne, a former training partner of Conor McGregor, was killed.

Two other bystanders suffered non-fatal injuries during the incident. It was later reported that Bryne was a suspected high-level member of the Kinahan Cartel. The Kinahan Cartel have been accused of distributing illegal drugs throughout the country of Ireland.

A member of the rival gang, the Hutch Gang, Patrick Hutch, was charged for Bryne’s murder. In 2017, Fury took a selfie with Daniel Kinahan, who is accused of running the Kinahan Cartel’s day-to-day operations:

What do you think about Fury’s events being canceled after some threatening graffiti?

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