Monday, October 3, 2022

UFC 234: Arnett confident following first UFC victory

After losing his first two fights in the UFC, Austin Arnett felt relief after getting that first UFC victory under his belt.

It is every fighters dream to fight under the big lights of the UFC. Many dream of making it. Few are mentally prepared for some of the setbacks that can occur when you get there. Arnett spoke about how he handled the losses early in his UFC career. ” I always knew that I would be in the UFC eventually. When I was coming up as a kid, first starting fighting and everything. I always knew that I would be in the UFC. I didn’t know that it would take that long to get the first win though. I never really expect that. I expected to go in and set the world on fire and roll through some guys. I think in the long run this is going to be beneficiary for me. Going through those tough times early. Going forward that’s going to help later on in my UFC career.”

With his the first win under his belt and his career pointing back in the right direction, Arnett is ready to add his first UFC finish. “I’m looking to get my first finish. Coming up through the regional scene that’s what I always did. I was a finisher. I see blood and then I take guys out. That’s what I see getting back to this fight. Last fight, getting that monkey off my back, getting that first win. Now I can really let loose and get a finish. I see myself really stomping him…”

Austin Arnett takes on Shane Young in Mebourne Australia at UFC 234 LIVE on the ESPN prelims Saturday night. Stick with for the latest on the fight and other results from UFC 234.

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