Saturday, January 22, 2022

Jorge Masvidal Warns MMA Trash Talk Could Turn Fatal

Jorge Masvidal is a fan of fighting, not so much all the talking that comes along with it nowadays.

Saturday will feature a main event between Masvidal and #3-ranked Darren Till at UFC London, and it will be a refreshing case of two fighters with mutual respect who just love to fight. As for anybody else running their mouths, Jorge Masvidal is tired of hearing about the so-and-so’s:

“If it’s not like a genuine dislike between and it’s not creative either, where it’s just that shit talking, like, ‘You’re an idiot,’ ‘Well, you’re stupid…’ man, it’s’ fuckin’ so stupid, man,” Masvidal said at a UFC London media scrum. “And the media, fuckin’ building that shit up, asking questions…hey, so-and-so said you can’t dress. Who the fuck is so and so? Why are you asking me on my interview about fuckin’ so-and-so? Fuck so-and-so, you know what I’m saying? My fans don’t even know who the fuck so-and-so is, and they ask me about so-and-so all the time.”

Perhaps more so than the trash talkers themselves, Jorge Masvidal attributes blame for the trash-talk culture on the media who continue to spotlight it:

“It sucks that retards can just say your name, and you guys will make them famous. Because the fans eat up whatever you guys do, maybe we could not fuckin’ ‘do that? Maybe not every time somebody mentions somebody’s name, ‘Oh, so-and-so said this!’ It’s fuckin’ corny, man.”

Jorge Masvidal’s diatribe against the rising trash talking culture in MMA called into question Colby Covington’s embrace of controversial trash talking and what Masvidal thoughts are on his close friend and training partner’s approach to his career. Masvidal toned down his rhetoric quite a bit when it came to his friend and maintains that while Covington is far from innocent, the main problem is how widespread the trash-talking culture is and that it goes far beyond any one person:

“Colby’s a particular case because we were friends for a long time,” Masvidal said. “We’ve been friends for a long time. I’ve known him six years plus. So it’s more than just teammates. We’re good friends. And, man, he’s doing his thing, you know? So am I a fan of that? Whatever. It’s not really what I care for. It’s everybody’s doing it. It’s not just Colby. I don’t’ want to pick on Colby. Everybody’s doing it. So can you get mad at Colby because he wants to put extra money in his pocket? No. But when you think about it, everybody’s gonna be doing it.”

Jorge Masvidal would then conclude with a dark prognosis for the future if the trash talking continues to escalate:

“Someone’s gonna get killed one day,” Masvidal warned. “We see little incidents with Conor and the Khabib stuff, and that’s kind of mild, you know? It could get a lot worse than that.

“My friends ain’t professional fighters. They’re not. They’re not professional fighters. But if a situation occurs, we’re gonna win. I’m not gonna get into details of it, but we’re gonna win. It’s just stupid, though, because I don’t do that. I don’t come from that. But believe me, if I get put in those situations, believe me, I’m not gonna be the one that’s hurt.”

Do you agree with Jorge Masvidal? Could MMA trash talk escalate to a fatal situation one day?

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