Sunday, February 28, 2021

Justin Willis Addresses Curtis Blaydes Following UFC Nashville Loss

Curtis Blaydes had never been one to trash talk, but at the close of his lopsided UFC Nashville victory over Justin Willis, Blaydes could not help himself.

After defeating Justin Willis 30-27, 30,26, and 30-25 on the judges’ scorecards, Wills let loose in the Octagon, rubbing rub it in after all the trash talk from Willis during fight week, which culminated in a jawful from Willis in their final faceoff. Blaydes would shout celebratory and taunting phrases after the final bell and would not let up when the microphone was put in his face:

“I feel so good to shut him up,” Blaydes said after his dominant performance. “Big Titty, go home! Go home and learn to wrestle! Go home!”

As it turns out, Justin Willis was not done talking after the bout and issued a statement following the loss, and would once again address Curtis Blaydes, only this time in a different tone:

“Learn, Grow,  Conquer.  I will be back greater! Great fight @razorblaydes265. u showed ur true colors and we shall see eachother again in no time, enjoy.  Until then  I will get back to work immediately.  The rest of the division is in trouble and to my haters enjoy. God bless ??”

Justin Willis’s loss to Curtis Blaydes marks his first loss inside the Octagon and snapped what was an eight-fight winning streak. As for Curtis Blaydes, this victory was a resounding bounce-back following a first-round loss to Francis Ngannou last November, and given his uncharacteristic post-fight antics, he wouldn’t have rather it come at the expense of anyone else.

Do you believe Curtis Blaydes “showed his true colors” after his victory over Justin Willis? Or was his post-fight behavior justified?