Thursday, March 4, 2021

Justin Willis: Curtis Blaydes is “Boring” in Every Sense

Justin Willis believes that when it comes to the co-main event of UFC Nashville this Saturday, there is only one man fans will want to see.

Since Justin Willis debuted, he has commanded attention and has never been one to use a filter whenever a microphone is put in his face. And that attribute would continue when he offered his assessment of Curtis Blaydes: (transcript via MMA Junkie)

“People are in it to watch me,” Willis told MMA Junkie radio. “They’re not going to be there to watch this guy. This guy’s boring. Boring not just to fight; in the fights he’s boring. Personality-wise he’s boring. He’s just a boring guy. The people are obviously there to see me. That’s a fact.”

Curtis Blaydes has already stated that he has no interest in engaging Willis in trash talk, so do not hold your breath for a retort. After all, Curtis Blaydes is a man of action. And though Justin Willis is a man of many words, he also is out to prove that he is a man of action as well, improving his UFC record to 5-0 with a victory over the highest ranked opponent he has faced to date:

“Once I take care of business you won’t have a choice but to look at me seriously,” Willis said. “People are already looking at me seriously, but upon that moment: Hello world. I’m excited for that moment.”

Do you believe Justin Willis will back up his trash talk against Curtis Blaydes at UFC Nashville?