Monday, January 18, 2021

Megan Anderson Provides Promising Update on Featherweight Division

After what has been an agonizing wait, Megan Anderson now has something to be excited about as it pertains to the future of the UFC’s women’s featherweight division. Anderson has been vocal about the need for the UFC to invest more into the division, most specifically by signing more talent to its roster. Yesterday it was reported that the UFC signed Norma Dumont, who is currently undefeated at 4-0.  And speaking to reporters backstage at UFC on ESPN+4 last weekend, Anderson was able to disclose that the promotion is finally starting to make some moves with the division by adding more names to the thin roster:

“I’ve been given some news that they are finally starting to sign some featherweights,” Anderson said. “I know that they’ve signed Bea Malecki. I think she was on the Ultimate Fighter, but she’s apparently wanting to jump to 135, which is shit, but whatever. I know they’ve signed Felicia Spencer. They’ve signed a few other girls, and Mick is currently looking for a fight for me.”

One individual who is currently in a peculiar spot is the woman who  flared the featherweight division in the first place, Cris Cyborg, who recently lost her championship to Amanda Nunes. When it comes to the future of the featherweight division, Megan Anderson believes it should include a rematch for the long-dominant Cris Cyborg:

“I have no idea what’s going on with Cris. I know she’s coming off that loss, and I know she’s wanting the rematch. And personally, I think she deserves it out of any of the former champions, just because she has been so dominant,” Anderson said. “And she hasn’t been beaten in, what was it? Like, 13 years?  So I personally think that she deserves that rematch, but who knows what’s gonna happen next?”

What’s most important for Anderson is her own future. And with there now beginning to be more names for the promotion to choose from, Megan Anderson is optimistic that this future will include a more active fight schedule.

“For me, not having been able to fight for 18 months, I want to be able to fight regularly, or at least more often than I have been,” Anderson said. “So I hope to fight maybe one of the new signees or whoever they bring to me.”

Whom would you like to see Megan Anderson fight next? One of the new signees? Or someone else?