Monday, November 29, 2021

Quote: Thiago Santos Is A ‘Wild Card’ Against Jon Jones At UFC 239

A former foe of Thiago Santos says it would be wise not to count “Marreta” out.

On July 6 at UFC 239, Santos will challenge Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight title holder Jon Jones. “Bones” will be making the second title defense in his current reign as the 205-pound king. This will be Santos’ first shot at UFC gold.

Eryk Anders Praises Thiago Santos Ahead Of UFC 239

Speaking to The Body Lock’s John Hyon Ko, Eryk Anders, who suffered a TKO loss to Santos, said that “Marreta” is not to be overlooked:

“He’s [Santos] a wild card, man. He throws a lot of crazy stuff, he does the capoeira stuff. But I think that Jon Jones, he doesn’t let anyone get started. As soon as they start to find a rhythm and a groove, he throws like a teep kick or one of those oblique kicks and he totally disrupts your timing. He’s super long and athletic, he can wrestle which I think is Thiago’s weak spot, he gets taken down pretty easy. Jon Jones got submissions, he can wrestle, he can strike, he figures people out pretty quickly.

“[But] once again, four-ounce gloves, a knockout is always looming. But we haven’t seen anybody get close to hitting Jon Jones except for Gustafsson in his first fight. And Jon Jones was out partying and having a good time before the fight. I think now he’s a little more focused and honing in on his craft. He’s probably going to retire as the greatest of all time.”

Do you think Thiago Santos poses a threat to Jon Jones?

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