Tony Gravely hopes six in a row is the lucky number

Tony Gravely has the opportunity to finish his sixth opponent in a row on Friday night. Doing so would help put him a the top of the UFC’s ‘must sign’ list.

Tony Gravely has already had an impressive career. Winning seventeen of twenty two professional fights and his last five in a row. While he wants to believe the next win will be ‘the win’ to help him achieve his dream, Gravely thinks it’s time to just stop thinking about it.

“Most fighters want to be in the UFC. I’m hoping, I’ve been saying this for a while though, I’m hoping this is the one. I’ve started to think maybe I shouldn’t just think this is the one, maybe I should just not worry about it, and let it happen on it’s own. I think the time I stop focusing on it is probably when it’s going to happen. This fight in general, winning in general is always great, but six in a row. I feel like I’m close to that next level. The important thing for me is to just keep doing what I’m doing and not look to far ahead and try to over look opponents or anything like that…”

Gravely is all business as he makes his push to the UFC. Learning for past mistakes and tough losses, he is the definition of focused. Fighters aren’t known for their free time, but what they do with the little they have is always interesting. Unlike some, Gravely puts his to good use.

“…I’m substituting at a day care. Maybe there is like two to three hours a day I get some free time. Depending on what the day goes. I’m training all day and there is like a two or three hour gap in the middle of sessions where I have free time. I used to just do nothing in that free time and kinda chill and now, I guess it’s been almost two years now, that went by pretty fast. I started substituting where my wife works. I go in there and I get paid to play tag with the kids. Play games. I’m a big kid myself…”

You can listen to the full interview below where Gravely goes more in depth about his career, what it would mean to get into the UFC, and his connection to the Virginia Tech wrestling program

The teacher and fighter sets his sights on the (10-7) Darren Mima on Friday night at CES 55 in Hartford, CT. The fight will be for the CES Bantamweight title and will air LIVE on UFC Fight Pass.

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