Sunday, June 26, 2022

Amateur Boxer Says Conor McGregor Hit Him With Cheap Shot

Conor McGregor recently took part in an exhibition boxing match and his opponent claims a cheap shot landed.

McGregor made a surprise appearance at Crumlin Boxing Club, which is his childhood gym. The former two-division Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title holder had an exhibition match with Michael McGrane. The bout ended in a draw and all seemed well with both men taking a picture after the match.

McGrane Claims McGregor Hit Him With A Cheap Shot

TMZ Sports caught up with McGrane following the exhibition match. McGrane was all smiles while claiming that McGregor got in a cheap shot:

“It was as the cheapest shot I ever caught in me life, man. You’re meant to go back to your corner, but Conor never went back to his corner. Conor leaped at me with a left hook. Conor McGregor hit me a cheap shot in his own hometown. The ref was on his side. There’s no way I would have won that fight unless I knocked him out.”

Here is the cheap shot in question:

McGregor’s suspension under the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) ended earlier this month. While he’s eligible to compete again, the “Notorious” one has been at odds with the UFC over ownership stake. McGregor has also been dealing with legal issues and a reported sexual assault investigation.

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