Monday, June 27, 2022

B.J. Penn Under Investigation For Allegedly Threatening A Farmer With A Machete

B.J. Penn’s legal issues go beyond a restraining order.

Penn is being investigated after allegedly threatening a farmer with a machete. The dispute was said to be over trespassing. Back in Jan. 2018, a police bulletin was released revealing that Penn was accused of first-degree terroristic threatening, which is a Class C felony.

B.J. Penn Under Investigation

Jason Grouns, sergeant of the Hawaii Police Department, explained to why the case is still open:

“All parties involved have not been located (or) contacted yet, and it cannot be routed to the prosecutors until complete.”

Penn family attorney, Gary Levitt, also spoke to MMA Junkie to respond to the allegations:

“B.J. said he’s never given a statement to the police; they haven’t told him he’s got a terroristic threatening charge, or there are charges pending,” Levitt said. “He just said there was an incident, it was over one year ago, and it had to do with a gate. There was no threatening or machete or anything like that.”

Penn has been hit with a restraining order from his estranged partner, who has accused him of sexual and physical abuse. Penn’s team has released a statement denying those accusations. MMA News will keep you updated on Penn’s legal issues as more details emerge.

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