Monday, June 27, 2022

CM Punk Testing The BJJ Competition Waters

CM Punk is the moniker that Phil Brooks chose for himself in his pro wrestling career but when it comes to mixed martial arts and most recently, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Brooks is not afraid to challenge himself using his real name. Brooks’ love for mixed martial arts will not be deterred by a few losses, and the competitive fire inside him brought him to compete and place third in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournament recently.

Wrestling Observer first reported the news of Brooks competing in Chicago at Grappling Games where Brooks came in third in the men’s seniors gi blue belt division. He went in under Roufusport where he had prepared for his MMA fights and is obviously still in love with anything associated with the sport and still training. At 40 years old, he placed third in his division and not a lot of men his age are doing that.

Brooks got a lot of push back because of his entry into the UFC, not only because he came from the world of pro-wrestling, but was also accused of using his celebrity status earned from the WWE to get into the cage. Whether that is true or not, he should not be faulted for pursuing a passion he found after distancing himself from the WWE.

Brooks is 0-2 in MMA and he placed last in that division he competed in at Grappling Games, but the man fans know as CM Punk is still in love with the sport that may have beat him down. There are champions that have walked away from the sport after a few losses but Brooks is still in the gym learning and training along with calling fights at CFFC events on UFC Fight Pass.

It is up to Brooks if he wants to return to the cage but in the meantime, he will likely be around the sport in one way or another.

Do you think Brooks will fight again?

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