Friday, December 9, 2022

Conor McGregor Gloats Following Report Of U.S. Irish Whiskey Sales Record

Conor McGregor has already made a significant impact on the whiskey industry.

McGregor launched Proper No. 12 last year. The “Notorious” one made it clear that he was going after Jameson for the top spot in the Irish whiskey game. While getting there would be quite the journey, Proper No. 12 has already enjoyed a great deal of success.

McGregor Boasts Following Report

A report from the Irish Times reveals that Irish whiskey has cracked $1 billion sales in the United States. The report notes that Jameson’s numbers have begun to slide and Proper No. 12 is being pegged as one reason:

“Sales of Irish whiskey in the US rose 12 per cent last year passing the $1 billion milestone for the first time. However, Jameson, which has led the Irish whiskey renaissance, is seeing a slowdown in growth in the US with analysts attributing it in part to the launch of Conor McGregor’s Proper No Twelve brand last year.”

McGregor took to his Twitter account to gloat over the news:

“Was there ever any doubt I’d turn Whiskey to a Billi? I turned ‘human cock fighting’ to 4.2. I’m gonna toast on this fine Thursday this amazing news. Sláinte to the only true Irish Whiskey we have left, [Proper No. 12]! Irish owned forever. Thank you all. It has been my pleasure.”

McGregor’s fighting future is uncertain, although he is eligible to compete after his Nevada State Athletic Commission suspension expired earlier this month. UFC president Dana White has said he plans on meeting McGregor in Miami.