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Quote: Conor McGregor Showed ‘Supreme Class’ At Boxing Exhibition

An Irish boxing legend has heaped praise on Conor McGregor for his exhibition boxing match.

Last week, McGregor made a surprise appearance at his childhood boxing gym, Crumlin Boxing Club in Dublin, Ireland. McGregor wasn’t advertised for the show, but he ended up boxing with Michael McGrane in an exhibition contest. The bout was a draw and both men appeared to have fun, although McGrane accused McGregor of landing a cheap shot.

Phil Sutcliffe Sr. Praises Conor McGregor

During an appearance on‘s Eurobash podcast, two-time Olympian Phil Sutcliffe Sr. praised McGregor:

“He knows how famous [the Good Friday events] are, they’re famous all over the world. We’ve had people from all over the world box on our Good Friday shows, some of the biggest names in Irish boxing have boxed on these shows. Conor said he’d love to box on the Good Friday show. He boxed on the Good Friday show in 2004 and he said he’d like to go again. I said, ‘No problem, but we have to get a proper match for you,’ you know, someone that’s around his own weight and someone around his own class.

“He showed supreme class in sparring Micheal McGrane, who was an Irish champion. It was a great spar, the two of them went hell for leather at each other. Conor decked him with a body shot in the third round, which was fantastic. Micheal got back up and he went at Conor straight away. He’s a warrior, he went back at Conor and he caught him with some beautiful shots. Conor danced away from him, but it was a very good exhibition of boxing.”

McGregor’s suspension under the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) expired earlier this month. While he is eligible to compete, he’s currently at odds with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) over ownership stake. UFC president Dana White said he planned on meeting McGregor in Miami.

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