Friday, June 24, 2022

Douglas Lima Assesses Michael Page’s Performance Against Paul Daley

Douglas Lima isn’t as down on Michael Page’s performance against Paul Daley as others are.

Back in February, Page took on his rival Daley in an opening round match in the Bellator World Welterweight Grand Prix. While Page took a unanimous decision win, he struggled with Daley’s grappling. Daley has been known for having trouble against wrestlers, so his takedown success against Page was alarming to some.

Lima Talks Page’s Last Bout

Speaking to The Body Lock, Lima gave his assessment of “MVP’s” last outing:

“It was different, man. A lot different than we all expected. It was very close and could’ve went either way. Paul Daley surprised a lot of people with his wrestling. It’s a good fight for us to study a little bit. I’d much rather fight him [Page] then Daley again. The only rematch I want is Rory. So it’s good to get a new face you know? The hype is very high on him and he’s undefeated. So It’s good to fight a guy like that. I like the tournament format and I like the matches I have. I thought his [Page] conditioning was really good. He fought five rounds and was fresh. He was able to adjust after being taken down. I gotta give him his respect. He’s undefeated, been in this game a long time and has a million kickboxing matches. I’m taking him very seriously.”

Lima will meet Page on May 11 at Bellator 221. The winner will move on to the finals of the Bellator Welterweight World Grand Prix.

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