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Boxer Kash Ali Apologizes For Biting Opponent During Fight

Boxer Kash Ali apologizes for biting his opponent during his fight over the weekend in which he was disqualified.

Over the weekend (Sat. March 30, 2019) heavyweight boxer Kash Ali shocked the combat sports world with his actions. During his fight against David Price, after eating a big shot, Ali actually took Price down to the canvas. He then dug his head into his stomach and bit him.

If you missed the ordeal, check it out below:

The referee disqualified Ali for his actions. He spoke to after the incident and explained himself. Here’s what he had to say (via Bloody Elbow):

“It was out of order what happened. I thought it was a good fight. I had him hurt in the fifth, I could’ve stopped him, which I would’ve — I ended up wrestling him down. Stupid thing, what I did. Ridiculous.

“There’s no excuses for it. I think just the build-up for the fight — it’s my first time boxing on a big stage, I was so pumped up, I just wanted to fight,” Ali said. “The street mentality kicked in. That was stupid. The worst thing is, it’s not like I was behind or getting my ass kicked or nothing.

“He even said to me afterwards, ‘You had me beat there.’ I just apologize to all the fans. I’m sorry to everyone. It won’t happen again. When I ended up on top of him, I’m just thinking — this is f—king stupid — boxing went out the window, I thought, ‘This is a fight now.

“I should’ve kept my cool and thought about getting back up and knocking him out. But it was stupid. I have nothing else to say. It was out of order, and I apologize to him.”

What do you think about Ali’s comments after his disqualification loss?

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