Friday, June 24, 2022

Luke Rockhold Fires Back At Anthony Smith

Luke Rockhold has responded to Anthony Smith’s scathing comments.

Rockhold and Smith have engaged in a war of words since “Lionheart” was preparing for a title bout with Jon Jones. Rockhold felt that Smith wouldn’t be a threat to Jones and took shots at him while planning his own move up to 205 pounds. During the UFC seasonal press conference, Smith vowed to “drill a hole” through Rockhold’s face.

Rockhold Responds To Smith

TMZ Sports caught up with Rockhold to get his thoughts on Smith’s threat. The former UFC middleweight champion kept pouring on the insults (via

“The truth hurts. I don’t know. Some people just can’t take the truth and that’s a problem, I always tell it. He can keep talking, keep running his mouth, but he had his opportunity. He could have manned up instead of being a b*tch and being an errand boy for the UFC. There’s balls to take fights and there’s balls to not take fights. I saw his interview and he obviously didn’t want to take this fight [with Gustafsson]. He wanted to take some time off. He could’ve done that. Could’ve stuck to your word because I would have been right here. First thing I asked the UFC after that fight, make this thing happen. Then he b*tched out and ran their errands and went out to Stockholm.”

Rockhold is expected to meet Jan Blachowicz at UFC 239 on July 6. It’ll be Rockhold’s light heavyweight debut. As for Smith, he’ll meet Alexander Gustafsson on June 1.

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