Thursday, July 7, 2022

Marlon Moraes to Flyweights: I Am Your Savior

The main event of UFC 238 will feature the crowning of a new bantamweight champion when #1-ranked Marlon Moraes takes on reigning flyweight champion Henry Cejudo. There were concerns that the flyweight division would fade away had Henry Cejudo lost that title to T.J. Dillashaw at UFC on ESPN+ 1, but that crisis was seemingly averted when Cejudo thwarted Dillashaw’s plan of absconding with a “f*ck load of money”and leaving behind a vanquished flyweight division in his wake.

Some still aren’t too fast to christen Cejudo as the hero of 125, especially with talks of the division lingering on in the aftermath of UFC on ESPN+ 1. There is one man who has moved forward to accept the title of “hero of the flyweights,” and it is someone who is not even in the division. It is the other half of the UFC 238 main event on June 8, Marlon Moraes, who vows to be the savior for them that Henry Cejudo pretends to be:

“If he’s the savior why is he coming up, trying to challenge for the ’35 belt?” Moraes asked on a recent edition of the Ariel Helwani MMA Show. “He should shut up, and stay down, and fight the contenders. But no, he’s coming up. He’s coming up for what? For the ‘25ers? Of course not. He’s coming up because he thinks about himself. That’s it.”

Marlon Moraes would then turn his attention to the flyweights who are uneasy that they may lose their division and their jobs in the process and offer the following words of reassurance:

“The ‘25ers: Relax. Relax. I’m sending him back,” Moraes promised. The division’s sticking around. This time, I’m a real man. I’m fighting for you guys. I’m gonna kick him back. He’s gonna have to fight you guys. But they better do an interim belt, because it’s gonna take a while for him to recover from the beating I’m gonna put him in.”

Do you believe Marlon Moraes will turn out to be the true savior of the flyweights?

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