Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Maycee Barber Has A Message For All Social Media Trolls

At only 20 years of age and a couple of years removed from high school, Maycee Barber is still getting acclimated to living in the public limelight. In this adjustment period, Barber has already noticed a few behavioral patterns from the MMA community, particularly on social media. Overall, Barber feels that she has received mostly positive attention, but then….well, there’s the haters, to whom no public figure is exempt:

“I think the attention is good,” Maycee Barber told MMA Junkie recently. “In terms of the haters, I feel like people hate on social media and have nothing better to do than give hate.

“The fact that they’re watching us be successful and wishing bad things to happen to good people, or hoping they can see someone fail, I’ve never once looked at someone and said, ‘Wow, I really hope that you have an unsuccessful life.’ Like, what kind of person are you? And the fact that you need to waste your time, and you have 500 followers, and you’re giving a hard time to someone who’s just trying to benefit their life and have success.”

What’s worse, Maycee Barber adds, aside from failing to elicit the response they hope to draw with their comments, the only thing these trolls achieve is becoming source of entertainment and amusement:

“The way I look at it, and the way a lot of athletes I know look at it, is it’s our entertainment,” Barber said. “You’ll never know that we’re laughing at what you’re saying, but it’s our entertainment, and it’s a waste of your time.”

Maycee Barber last competed at UFC Nashville, where she defeated J.J. Aldrich via second-round TKO to improve her spotless MMA record to 7-0.

What are your thoughts on Maycee Barber’s assessment of “haters” on social media?

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