Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Michael Bisping Reacts To Darren Till’s Arrest

Michael Bisping has given his take on Darren Till’s run-in with the law in the Canary Islands.

Till found himself in a bit of trouble in Tenerife. “The Gorilla” and four others were kicked out of a hotel room before allegedly taking off with someone’s taxi cab. Police eventually arrested the men. Till and his group agreed to a plea deal and were ordered to pay for the hotel damages and a fine for theft of a cab.

Bisping Speaks On Till’s Actions

During the latest edition of his “Believe You Me” podcast, Bisping had the following to say on Till’s incident:

“Not only is it just his car, that’s how he makes a living. My god Darren, what are you doing buddy? He’s gonna stand there while they drive away with his car. Even if he could catch them, what is he gonna do?”

As far as the hotel damages are concerned, Bisping feels that aspect isn’t too unusual:

“I’ll be honest and I shouldn’t really say this on a podcast, but come on who hasn’t [messed up a hotel room]. And I’ve never trashed a hotel room, but I’ve definitely had hotel rooms that when I left you could describe them as being trashed. I’ve never purposely trashed a hotel room. I remember when I fought Matt Hamill we had a nice hotel room and then we had a party and there was about 30 or 40 people in there. It was a big suite and then at the end of it everyone left and it was a mess.”

Till was seen in action last month. He suffered a brutal second-round knockout loss to Jorge Masvidal. It was a huge blow to Till’s stock as he was the second-ranked UFC welterweight. Time will tell if he can get back on the horse.

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