Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Trainer Blames Greed For Gennady Golovkin Split

Gennady Golovkin’s former trainer isn’t happy with the middleweight star.

Golovkin stunned the boxing world when he announced a split from his longtime trainer Abel Sanchez earlier today (April 24). Golovkin is preparing for a June 8 clash with Steve Rolls. It’ll be the first bout under Golovkin’s exclusive deal with DAZN.

Abel Sanchez Sounds Off On ‘GGG’

Sanchez spoke to Mike Coppinger shortly after Golovkin’s announcement. Here is his side of the story:

“This all is based on money. It’s unfortunate. (Offered) one fifth as much (as before). He just signed a $100 million contract. Contracts like that create greed. Nine years, got to this point. I think I did my part, not only promotion, but training and everything else. It really blindsided me. It hit me hard. I didn’t expect it from this kid. I was insulted. Greed unfortunately clouded the way. I honestly felt he was a different kind of person. This stems from some bad advice.”

In Golovkin’s announcement, the high-ranked middleweight said the split wasn’t indicative of Sanchez’s work as a trainer. He also said that his new trainer will be revealed in the near future.

Do you think Gennady Golovkin is making a mistake leaving Abel Sanchez?

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