Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Uber Driver Arrested After Killing Former UFC Fighter, Confesses To The Crime

An Uber driver has been arrested following the killing of former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Rodrigo de Lima.

UOL reports that Jefferson Roger Maciel Barata was arrested in Brazil. Police say that Barata claims de Lima punched him after asking him and his friends to tone down their voices in the car. Barata struck de Lima with his car and drove off on April 21.

Uber Driver Admits To Killing Rodrigo de Lima

Barata released the following statement (via MMAFighting.com):

“I’ve always thought of a way to raise my family and not let my children grow up without a father. I feel for his family, I regret it, I’ve already asked God for forgiveness. It was one of the things I feared the most: Taking someone’s life. I started working in this job to have more time in the church, I became a director for the youth, teaching music in the church, and this ended up happening.

”I’ve asked God and his family for forgiveness. It wasn’t my goal to take anyone’s life. I’ve never done anything bad to anyone. Today (the 26th) was going to be my wedding. I was going to start a new life, and this happened. I’ll pay for what I’ve done, and I regret it deeply. I ask his family and friends for forgiveness.”

“Monstro” de Lima was 28 years old. He went 0-2 under the UFC banner. Back in June 2018, de Lima had the last bout of his professional mixed martial arts career, submitting Luiz Fabiano in the first round.

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