Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Alex Volkanovski Back Home After Being Hospitalized In Chile

Alex Volkanovski has finally returned home from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil after his hectic trip. It started off all good with a decision win over Jose Aldo that made him the top contender at featherweight. But, on his way home, Volkanovski got a foot infection and was hospitalized in Chile.

Then, some good news as Volkanovski posted a video saying the infection was going down.

“We got good news this morning that the infection’s starting to go down now,” Volkanovski said in a video clip (h/t BJPenn). “That’s good because it was pretty nasty before, the infection was pretty bad, cellulitis, bacterial infection. That was my ankle, foot, and leg, it was just very, very swollen and the inflammation was pretty bad, the infection was pretty bad too. But we were worried about it being in the tendons. We got the message this morning that it’s not in any of the tendons, so that’s very, very good so it will be all smooth sailing from now, I think.

”I’m still getting fevers here and there, but that’s just normal,” he continued. “The worst is done, which is good but I still need to stay a couple of days which is unfortunate, I want to go home and see the family, I’ve been away so long. I was expecting to be back a few days ago but obviously this thing has to be sorted. The hospital’s been unreal here in Chile, they’re looking after me, they’ve got physio, aggressively going after the inflammation, trying to get my feet going. They’ve even got nutritionists looking after me but I haven’t really worried about that, I’ve been enjoying the food a little too much. But I got a wedding to go to and a Best Man’s suit to fit into so I’m gonna clean things up before then.”

Ultimately, soon thereafter, Volkanovski made another post saying he was back home.

“Finally back!! Joe and I were so happy to be welcomed home by our families on arrival,” he wrote. “Thank you to @doshlimousines for making this possible, coming home was a breeze. 1st class service every time.”

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