Friday, June 24, 2022

Anderson Silva Explains Why He’s Fighting Jared Cannonier

Anderson Silva will be returning to the Octagon this Saturday at UFC 237, and he will do so in his home country of Brazil against a younger, rising contender in Jared Cannonier. Anderson Silva is currently ranked #14 in the middleweight rankings, with Cannonier four spots ahead #10.

As impressive as a #10 rankings position is for a fighter who only has one fight in the division, at 44 years old, a victory for Silva would not put him in the title picture. Cannonier also does not have an established name yet in the UFC, so that has left many wondering what is motivating Silva coming into this fight. The answer is twofold: to continue to pushing himself and entertaining his fans:

“I think I don’t need to prove anything for anybody in this sport,” Silva told MMA Junkie. “I tried to make everything special for a long time. Now, I just continue to do my best, and put my heart inside the cage, and do a special show for my fans.

“I’m continuing to do my best and work hard for my company and my sport. That’s the challenge for my mind and my body and my team.”

Anderson Silva is very aware of both the career and life stage he is in, and father time spares no one. It is with this knowledge that Silva has learned to soak it all in while he can, and pursue every night and opportunity that beckons:

“You become older, you watch your life at a different angle, and you try to use the old experience to help you continue,” Silva said. “I’ve tried to make every day better and continue in the sport, because it’s an amazing and very interesting sport.”

How many more fights do you believe Anderson Silva has left before he calls it a career?

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