Saturday, July 2, 2022

Anderson Silva Is ‘Not Retiring’, Interested in Rematch with Jared Cannonier

UFC legend Anderson Silva is down but not out as he emphatically stated on Thursday that he’s not retiring and he would be interested in a rematch with Jared Cannonier in the future

Anderson Silva may be down but he’s not out.

After suffering a frightening loss this past weekend at UFC 237 where Silva received a brutal leg kick from opponent Jared Cannonier that sent him to the canvas writhing in pain, many believed that could be the end of his legendary career.

Silva had previously broken his leg in a past fight against Chris Weidman and while this was the opposite leg, the injury was still scary enough in the moment to make it seem like that could be it for the 44-year old former champion.

Well the good news is Silva didn’t suffer a serious injury to his knee and just days after the fight he’s making it clear that he’s not retiring from the sport but instead already thinking about a comeback.

“I’m not stopping. I’m not retiring,” Silva told TMZ. “I just take my time now because I have my movie in China, I go to China to promote my movie and come down a little bit. Take care of my knee, start physical therapy but let’s see. I’ll come back soon.”

In the aftermath of his loss, Silva wasted no time reaching out to UFC president Dana White to talk to him about what comes next.

According to Silva, he already mentioned the possibility of a rematch against Cannonier after the way their first fight ended but White was mostly concerned about his knee and overall health before discussing his next opponent.

“I talked to Dana [White] about that [rematch] but Dana just talked to me and said ‘go back home, rest, be careful for your knee and let’s go see’,” Silva said. “But that is the one chance, a big chance for it to happen.”

Silva said he will get into physical therapy in the coming days to treat his injured knee now that he’s back home in the United States.

As of now there’s no word on how long Silva may be sidelined but it appears he’s going to rehabilitate his knee for the purpose of fighting again in the future.

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