Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Attorney Responds To Anthony Johnson’s Domestic Violence Charge

Anthony Johnson’s attorney has spoken out on the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter’s domestic violence charge.

TMZ Sports first reported that “Rumble” was arrested on May 6 following an argument with his girlfriend. The alleged victim claimed that she was packing Johnson’s belongings to get him out of the house. She said Johnson put her in a “football hold.” When cops arrived, Johnson admitted to lifting his girlfriend and putting her in another room. Despite saying he didn’t intend to hurt her, “Rumble” was taken into custody and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence.

Anthony Johnson’s Attorney Talks Charge

Johnson’s attorney, Michael Walsh, told that Johnson’s actions didn’t warrant a domestic violence charge:

“Anthony Johnson, if he hits you, your grandkids are going to feel it. He’s trying to deescalate her verbal argument. So he simply picks her up gently and puts her down. He simply did not want to argue anymore and put her in another room. That happens every day in America in domestic relationships. … It might be a domestic dispute, but it’s not domestic violence.”

Just two months ago, Johnson was hit with a restraining order from another woman. The two had a casual relationship. Johnson was ordered to avoid contact with the woman until Feb. 6, 2020 as he caused “an immediate present danger of domestic violence.”

MMA News will keep you updated on the latest info with Anthony Johnson’s charge.

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