Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Anthony Smith: Gustafsson Breaks Much Easier Than Me

Anthony Smith and Alexander Gustafsson are both coming off a loss to Jon Jones in fights where they sought to become the first light heavyweight champion not named Daniel Cormier or Jon Jones since 2011. Both men came up short, but the opportunity to learn and grow immediately presented itself following the losses and was there for the taking.

But sometimes the best reflection is to make the conscious decision to stop thinking. Such is the approach that Lionheart Anthony Smith has decided to adopt when he returns to action at UFC Stockholm against Alexander Gustafsson this Saturday:

“I think those last fights, I overthought it. So that’s been the whole focus. Just be me. There is no game plan for Alex,” Smith told MMA Junkie. “The last few fights, there have been pretty strict game plans, and they haven’t been my best performances.”

Of course no performance was more disappointing for Anthony Smith than his loss to Jones at UFC 235, but Smith takes consolation in the fact that he performed better against Jones than his opponent this Saturday did, which is a confidence boost ahead of Saturday’s main event:

“I had a (expletive) day at the office and was still able to be in there, and Alex wasn’t,” Smith said. “Regardless of what he says, I think Alex has a history (where) he can get into some fire and fall apart. And that’s not me. I don’t fall apart in the fire.

“Even in the Jon fight, I didn’t fall apart. I just didn’t perform. I think he can be broken. I don’t say that as a way of disrespecting him. I have no beef with Alex, but if we’re being honest and taking about Xs and Os, he can be broken.”

Do you agree with Anthony Smith? Is Alexander Gustafsson more easily broken than Anthony Smith?

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