Sunday, June 26, 2022

Colby Covington Blasts Conor McGregor & Jon Jones For Not Giving Back

Colby Covington‘s jaw jacking continues and he’s taking aim at Conor McGregor and Jon Jones for not giving back.

Covington has been known to fire verbal insults at numerous fighters, even if they aren’t in his weight class. He has ripped his former college roommate Jones as well as the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) biggest star, McGregor. He has some new digs for “Bones” and the “Notorious” one.

Covington Takes Aim At McGregor & Jones

“Chaos” served as a guest on BJ Penn Radio. On the show, Covington questioned what McGregor and Jones have ever done for the people:

“What’s [Jon Jones] doing for the f*cking people as a champion of the UFC? What’s he out there going to do? He ain’t doing sh*t man. He ain’t f*cking giving back. He’s doing all this fake sh*t. ‘Oh, I’m going to donate to kids.’ Oh yeah, is that another tax write off? Tell the people the real reason why you’re doing that. So, you can get tax exemptions for you, you motherf*ker. You’re not a real real champion like me. I’m spending my money as a UFC champion out of my pocket. I’m going up to fleet week in New York. I’m gonna go hang out with the Marines, hang out with the Navy for a full week, dedicate my time schedule, go bring them my UFC title, hang out with them, show my support. Show my appreciation for everything they do for affording the opportunities that we have, for serving our country. What the f*ck has Jon Jones ever done for the people?

“What’s Conor McGregor done? Smash the f*cking fans phone, threw a dolly through a bus. No. None of these motherf*ckers are like me. I’m different from everybody. All these motherf**kers, they want to copy me now.”

Covington is set to be next in line for a shot at Kamaru Usman‘s UFC welterweight title. The bout hasn’t been made official, although UFC president Dana White says the only holdup is Usman’s recovery from hernia sugery.

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