Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Colby Covington Would Give ‘Cousin F*cker’ Mike Perry Title Shot With Two Straight Wins

Colby Covington has revved up his trash talk towards Mike Perry to disturbing levels.

Covington is due for an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight title opportunity against champion Kamaru Usman. A date hasn’t been confirmed, but UFC president Dana White has said that “Chaos” is next in line. That hasn’t stopped Covington from beefing with other fighters.

Covington Bashes Perry, Hurls Ugly Insults

Covington appeared on BJ Penn Radio and fired back at Perry saying he’d “f*ck Covington in his skull:”

“If Mike Perry can win two fights in a row he’s getting an immediate title shot. I will defend my title against him. I know he can’t count to as high as two and I know he’s probably not going to win two fights row. If Mike Perry, that dumb motherfking cousin fker, sheep lover, horse-face lover motherf**ker can win two fights in a row, Jason, he’s getting an immediate title shot. Winning two fights for a jobber who’s going to be fighting Indian casinos next year is going to be really tough for him. I don’t see it happening, but I wish him the best. I really do hope he wins another fight so I can literally break his jaw and send him packing. He’ll never fight again. I promise you that.”

Covington and Perry have been at odds since 2017. At the time, Perry said nobody likes Covington’s “b*tch ass.” Covington has also taken nasty digs at Perry’s girlfriend.

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