Saturday, July 2, 2022

Colby Covington Says He Would Fight Jorge Masvidal

Both Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal could very well be fighting for a title in the next little while. All signs point to “Chaos” fighting Usman, and if Masvidal can beat Ben Askren he would most likely get the next title shot.

But, if Covington and Masvidal win, it could complicate some things. They are best friends, and many friends don’t want to fight each other. However, Covington says they have talked about it and are willing to fight each other.

“We were talking about this at least four or five years ago,” Colby Covington said on Radio. “I mean, we talked about it. That’s the epitome of a friends relationship, to be able to go for the highest honor in the sport that you chose to fight for the number one and two spot in the world. I mean, it would be an honor to fight each other. It’d be a dream come true for us both because we’re both going to make so much money. Dude, we’re fighting fucking, sparring hundreds of rounds for free in American top team.

“I mean, now we’re going to get paid $500 million,” he continued. “That’s an easy no brainer. I mean, it wouldn’t even be hard to fight him, dude. Friendship aside, this is business. We’re both here to do business… I’ll fight anybody. I don’t give a f**k who’s in front of me. I got no friends in my weight class. Yeah [Masvidal and I are] best friends right now, but as soon as the lights turn on and we’re in the big city, man, there’s no friends. I’m here to do business.”

Why they would want to fight each other is simple. They already do in training so might as well get paid for it.

“I’m telling you we fought in living rooms, in bathrooms, f**ing sparring in an ATT, in airports,” he added. “We’ve been fighting our whole lives and fighting against each other for the last couple of years for free. So, to fight for a multi six-figure paycheck, it’s a no brainer, man. There’ll be no feelings attached before and after and we’ll go back to being friends afterwards. So, may the best man win.”

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